Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jack: Three Months

Age: 3 months

Weight: 16 pounds
Length: no idea, he doesn't have a doctor's appointment until the middle of December and I'm not going to try to lay him down to measure him!
Size: He is firmly in 3-6 month clothes, actually a few of them are getting tight on him
Hair: His hair seems to be getting longer - I actually put it into a little fauxhawk for his picture today!
Teeth: Nope
Sleeping: Jack is still quite the sleeper.  He generally sleeps for 9-11 hours straight, but he has slept 12 hours a few times.
Eating: He has been doing really well using a bottle when his mommy isn't around.  He likes to grab ahold of the bottle to make sure that noone takes it away from him.
Movement: Jack has started grabbing his toys and shaking them around.  He is also holding his head up so well that he can sit in his Bumbo seat all by himself.
Milestones: He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving with all of his cousins (some of which he met for the first time).  The big milestones this month, however, were his first day away from Mommy (he stayed with Grandma the first day) and his first day of daycare which was on his three month birthday.  He did really great, Mommy however had a little more trouble.
Favorite Toys/Activities: He loves Sophie the Giraffe and her friend Gnon.  They are soft rubber toys that squeak, and are often confused with dog toys.  He loves them, though!  His favorite activity is what we like to call "the no pants dance" - basically he lays in his crib naked, kicks his legs around, and laughs the biggest belly laughs ever.  It is the cutest thing ever.
Dislikes: Wet diapers.  I thought that maybe he would get over this, but he still *hates* to have a wet diaper.  He doesn't mind a dirty diaper, but a wet one sends him into quite a tizzy.
Words & Sounds: He has started "talking" to us with coos and grunts.  He will actually respond to you if you talk to him.  He also has started squealing loudly and laughing afterward, which tends to make LuLu bark, which tends to make Jack cry.  It's really fun.