Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jack: Ten Months

Age: 10 months

Weight: 22 pounds
Length: no idea
Size: still in 12-18 months
Hair: I think that *maybe* he is finally past the mullet-y stage and almost to surfer-dude hair - almost.
Teeth:  We have two new teeth!!  He now has his "two front teeth" (E & F), which he has discovered make a really loud noise when he grinds them against his lower teeth.

Sleeping: He is finally sleeping better - whew!  He is no longer eating at night, which means that Daddy can go in to comfort him if he wakes up - so Mommy can finally sleep again!
Eating: Jack is almost completely off os "baby food" now.  Most places we go, he can eat something from our plates.  He has tried too many new things to count this month, but a few favorites are: cheese quesadilla (El Reparo!), scrambled eggs, pancakes, pulled pork, watermelon, and spaghetti.

Movement: He's a crawler!  As soon as Jack's ears were straightened around, he became so much more mobile (we think the constant fluid in his ears was throwing off his balance).  He is now crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything!  He has a new walker that he uses to cruise around the house - so we've have to baby proof very quickly.  He is also pointing at things and smiling or squealing.

Milestones: Lots of milestones this month.  

Firstly, Jack had his first surgery this month.  After 5 ear infections in 4 months, his pediatrician referred us to an ENT to consider ear tubes.  After looking at Jack's ears Dr. Stevens decided to fit him in as his very next patient (after the weekend) - they were that bad!  His surgery was first thing in the morning (since we couldn't feed him before), and he was only away from us for about 20 minutes.  They put in "T-tubes", a kind of tube that should stay in longer, due to Daddy's history of ear problems and Mommy's history of tonsil problems.  We immediately noticed a change in him - he was much more mobile, vocal, and generally more happy.  Dr. Stevens said that the fluid in his ears has gunked up "like rubber cement" and actually clogged up his suction tip - the first words out of his mouth when he came back in to see us were "well, we did the right thing there."  

Later in the month, Jack lost his Great-Grandma Morgan.  She became ill fairly quickly, so it is still a shock to us that she is gone.  Just a few weeks before she passed away, Jack's second cousin Will was born, and Grandma Joanna was so happy to have another great-grandchild (that makes 9 with one more on the way - no, not Mommy!)

During Jack's first overnight (a whole weeks worth of overnights!) away from Daddy (he is still in Canada fishing with both grandpas - we miss you!), he swam in the big pool at grandma's and went on his first fair ride, though he wasn't a big fan of the carousel.
Favorite Toys/Activities: Jack really likes swinging in his swing at grandma's house, especially when you act like his is kicking you and knocking you over.  He also loves peekaboo and when Mommy smells his stinky feet and falls over.

Dislikes: Being too hot (he gets grumpy and super sweaty), sitting still, and prickly grass.
Words & Sounds:  We are fairly certain that he have out first word!  He will now look at LuLu and squeal "Oooo-Looo" - he also does this to other dogs as well, so we think that he must think that all dogs are "Oooo-Lus"

(yes, I posted this month late as well - I had it all typed up on his "month birthday," but I forgot to post it.  I promise to get his 11 month post posted more quickly)