Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jack's First Christmas

Wearing Daddy's Christmas outfit from 1984

Isn't my hat cute?

I love my PeePaw :)

Big Jack & Little Jack

We played for a long time!

What?  It's Christmas?

This stocking has lots of cool stuff in it!

"LuLu, will you help me?"

With my Mommy

What's in here?

Christmas is so much fun!

Christabelle & I

Great-Grandpa Tom & I

Snuggling with Aunt Mirt

Opening my presents from Grandma & Grandpa Morgan

Friday, December 30, 2011

Jack: Four Months

Age: 4 months

Weight: 17.5 pounds
Length: 26 inches
Size: He is still wearing a few 3-6 month clothes, but his 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes fit him the best.
Hair: His hair is definitely getting longer, I now have to actually brush it after his baths.
Teeth: Nope
Sleeping: We have had a little regression as far as sleep goes.  He had a cold for the past few weeks and has been waking himself up coughing at night.  Once he was awake, he realized that he could eat at night, so now he has been waking up a few times a night to eat, even though his cough is almost gone.  Mommy doesn't mind, though, because she misses him during the day while she is at work.
Eating: He is still eating really well from the bottle and breast, but since he is eating more at night, he isn't eating as many bottles during the day.
Movement: At the beginning of the month, he rolled over from his belly to his back, but he hasn't done that again since then.  Just yesterday, however, he rolled over from his back to his belly!  He must have thought that it was really fun, because once he started, he was rolling all night long.
Milestones: Jack's first Christmas was great!  He got lots of presents from Santa, and he even enjoyed helping to rip the paper off of a few. 
Favorite Toys/Activities: He has started to really settle in at daycare.  He loves Miss Annette and Miss Susie, which makes Mommy very happy.  He really loves watching Charlotte and the other kids play - it really entertains him!  He is still a big fan of being naked, the "no pants dance" is still his favorite time of day.
Dislikes: Putting his pajamas on after "the no pants dance."  He gets so mad at us when we even pick up his diaper!  He also doesn't like waiting on his bottle to be warmed up.  Phillip's boss Phil (confusing, right?!) takes his little girl Charlotte to Jack's daycare, and he says that when he drops her off Jack is often waiting impatiently for his bottle to warm.  I keep telling Jack that if he would just take his bottle cold, then he could have it more quickly, but he isn't listening to Mommy!
Words & Sounds: Jack has found his voice!  When he is happy, he squeals very loudly. I will try to upload a video soon so you can hear him!