Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jack: Five Months

Age: 5 months

Weight: 18 pounds
Length: not sure
Size: Some of his 6-9 months clothes are getting tight, most 6-12 month clothes fit pretty well.
Hair: Getting thicker
Teeth: None yet, but we're pretty sure he's working on some.  He's been a little cranky and drooly.  He also loves to grab the finger of whoever is holding him and chomp down.
Sleeping: At the beginning of the month he was back to sleeping all night, but for the past two weeks he has been waking up several times fussy. He doesn't take long to get back to sleep, and doesn't even always eat, but it still makes mommy a little tired.
Eating: He tried solid food for the first time this month!  Twice mommy has given him avocado in his mesh feeder, but he hasn't seemed interested at all, so we're going to wait a few weeks and try again.
Movement: Still rolling over from back to belly, but he still hasn't figured out how to get back onto his back.  
Milestones: We had out first ER trip on Jack's 5 month birthday.  He started coughing on Friday and on Saturday he started coughing up all of his milk.  He also had a mild fever and seemed lethargic, so the pediatrician said we should go to the ER.  Guess what?  We have our first ear infection!
 Favorite Toys/Activities: Since Grandma & Grandpa left to go to Florida, we took the bouncer from their house back to our house.  He loves it and will sit in it bouncing for a half hour or so.  He also has fallen back in love with Sophie the giraffe now that he is teething.  
Dislikes: Being sick!  He likes taking his tylenol, but he doesn't like his amoxicillin as much.  
Words & Sounds:  Jack is definitely squealing a lot more, and he has actually started signing a little bit (mommy isn't sure if maybe she is just imagining it!) - he opens and closes his hand for "milk" sometimes before he wants to eat.