Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Moved In!

We're here! Phillip & I have actually been in our house for three weeks now, but due to unpacking and a lack of internet (hopefully we'll have it soon!), I've been a little late at posting pictures. Obviously everything is not finished, but I plan on updating each room as I finish it.

This shows a good overview of the layout of the house:

The Living Room:

The nook:

The Dining Room:

Phillip's Study:

The Kitchen:

The dreaded glass tile that my Dad put up:

My green pantry (my favorite room in the house!):

The Laundry Room:

The Master Bedroom:

The Master Bath:

The Craft Room:

Guest Bath:

The Guest Room:

The Screened-In Porch:

The Back of the House:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Pictures, Finally!

Phillip & I have been really busy finishing up school (just 9 days left until graduation - NINE days!), so we haven't been able to head back home to help with the house. Luckily, we have the best crew ever (Ross, Jim, Dave, Dad & Mom) putting the finishing touches on our new home. Ross emailed me some new pictures tonight, so I thought that I would post some updates.

Here's the finished exterior with newly laid stone by the best "masons" ever:

We have cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, appliances, and the beginnings of a backsplash!

Look! It's my Dad laying my recycled glass tile that is driving him crazy - Thanks, Dad!!

The entryway:

The dining room (don't you love my HUGE light fixture?!)

The screened in porch:

Phillip's study:

The guest bathroom (all we have left is to hang the mirror):

The master bath:
The laundry room:

The back of the house with the deck (& the future site of my vegetable garden):

Friday, February 26, 2010

Color Choices

I made my choices for the paint colors of the house! They all look a little muted on here, which will make my mom very happy. I think that they will be a little brighter in the house, but you never know. All of the colors are from sherwin-williams.

Tricorn Black - For the Mantel:

Sensible Hue - For the Master Bedroom:

Restrained Gold - For the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen & all of the Hallways:

Rain - For the Guest Room & Laundry Room:

Meadow Trail - For the Study (this one looks MUCH more green now that it's painted):

Ivory Lace - For the Trim:

Bamboo Shoot - For the Guest Bath:

Bee's Wax - For the Craft Room & Master Bath: