Monday, August 12, 2013

Jack's Big Boy Room

I have seriously neglected this blog for the past year, but since we will soon be welcoming Baby Morgan #2, I decided that I need to give a few updates before he (yes, he!) arrives.  We have decided to keep the nursery the same once little brother arrives, so I have been working on creating a big boy room for Jack that will really grow with him.  I decided to merge Jack's love of dinosaurs with the scholarly interests of his parents (science for me, american history for Phillip) into a "Geek Chic" room that will easily incorporate other interests as they develop.

I have a few more accessories to get to fill out the shelves (I'm looking for a globe, a microscope, and an obscure presidential bust), and I need to hang some wall baskets, but it is pretty much done.

Jack is still sleeping in the nursery for now, but he loves to play in his big boy room!