Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jack: Nine Months

Sorry that this is almost a month late - I thought that I had already done it - oops!

Age: 9 months

Weight: 21 lbs
Length: I dunno
Size: 12-18 months - solidly.
Hair: Mommy is really considering trimming Jack's hair over his ears.
Teeth:  No new teeth this month

Sleeping: Jack has struggled with ear infections this month, so his sleep has suffered.  He has been waking up several times each night, but since Mommy can never tell if he is in pain, she is a little more patient with him.
Eating: He has started eating a lot more table food.  Wheat bread with almond butter, fresh mozzarella cheese and macaroni and cheese have become favorites.

Movement: He is now moving forward, but I wouldn't quite call it "crawling" yet.  He is pulling up in his crib as well, so maybe he'll walk before he crawls!
Milestones: Jack had his first trip to the park - he loved the swing and seemed to not hate the slide with Grandpa.  He is now pulling up to stand on his own.
Favorite Toys/Activities: Jack LOVES swimming in his crabby pool at the cottage.  He spent almost two hours in there over Memorial Day weekend.  He also loves books, and will lunge out of his rocking chair to get to his bookshelves.  He turns the pages if you are reading too slowly, though!

Dislikes: Waiting on his food.  Mommy often has to give him an "appetizer" (mum-mums or puffs) to keep him from screaming while she heats up his food.
Words & Sounds:  He has started squealing loudly and flapping his arms for more food.