Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jack: One Month

Yes, this is about a week late - but I promise they won't all be this late (if I put it in writing, I'll keep my word, right?!)

Age: 1 Month

Weight: Not sure - he hasn't had an appointment since week 2  I stepped on our bathroom scale with and without his this morning, and there was a 10 pound difference.  Our scale isn't very precise, so who knows how close that really is.
Length: Not sure either
Size: Jack has outgrown most of his newborn-sized clothes and is in 3 month and 3-6 month clothes.  Because we're using cloth diapers (a cloth diaper update it coming soon!), he has a little more junk in his trunk - so some of his clothes are a little tight around his bum.
Hair: His hair was much darker than we expected when he was born.  Phillip & I both had very light hair as children, so we were expecting him to have the same.  It does seem to be getting a little lighter, so we'll see!
Teeth: None yet, thank goodness.
Sleeping: Jack has been such a good sleeper for mama!  After feeding him around 10:30, he only wakes up once what I would call "in the middle of the night" - usually around 2:30 or 3:00 am.  He eats one more time as Daddy is leaving for work around 7:30, and then we normally go back to bed for one more "round."  I've told some of my friends that as long as I get up before the Today show is over, I don't consider myself lazy. 
Eating: Jack is quite an eater.  He is 100% breastfed, and he loves his milk.  Most of the day, he wants to eat every couple hours, but most days he will have a stretch (mostly in the evenings) where he will eat every 45 minutes to an hour.  It really wears me out, but Phillip is great about helping with dinner and getting me drinks and my computer so I can just sit and feed him as much as he needs it.
Movement: He has been really willful as far as movement goes since day one.  We had to have the photographer come back a second time because he moved around so much it was hard for her to get good pictures.  He lifts up his head all the time, but since he can't really control it, he tends to let it flop back down quickly, scaring Mommy.
Milestones: I guess everything he does right now is a milestone!  He took his first trip to Grandma & Grandpa Morgan's house on the Friday before his one-month birthday, and his first trip to Grandma & Grandpa Winters' on his one-month birthday.  He has started focusing on more objects and will follow them with his eyes and head.  Mommy's favorite milestone so far, though, happened on his one-month birthday when Jack gave us his first real smiles.  I got this picture on my phone the next morning (he smiles much bigger than this, but this was the best I could catch):

Favorite Toys/Activities: I printed off some high contrast black and white images, and Jack loves staring at them.  I've taped them all over the house - on his changing table, in his bassinet, and in his crib, so he always has something new to look at.  
Dislikes: Diaper changes, Clothes changes
Words & Sounds: He makes lots of weird little noises, but our favorite is what we call his "goat call," which sounds like a mix between a giggle and a goat mating call.  He tends to make it when he is sleeping and sucking on his paci, and it never fails to make us laugh.

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