Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jack: Seven Months

Age: 7 months

Weight: 19 pounds
Length: 27.25 inches
Size: He can squeeze into a few 6-12 month things, but he's mainly wearing 12-18 month stuff
Hair: still getting longer
Teeth:  We have teeth!  Two, to be exact (O & P for all my dental nerds)

Sleeping: He has been waking up to eat a couple times a night again, who knows when he'll be consistent.  Probably when he goes to college.
Eating: He has finally gotten the hang of eating baby food.  Momma has had fun making him all kinds of yummy homemade food.  Here's what he's enjoyed so far: avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, green beans, banana, mango & pears.  He is now eating one cube of food at daycare and one or two in the evening.

Movement: Jack has started scooting backwards across his room, but he gets stuck when he hits a wall!
Milestones: Two new teeth.  Another ear infection.  
Favorite Toys/Activities: We got a new couch, and Jack loves sitting in the corner of it with his basket of toys.  He really likes his shape sorter that Lynn & Ann got for him!

Dislikes: Amoxicillin, face-planting while sitting, being away from Mommy.
Words & Sounds:  He is pretty vocal these days, lots of babbling and squealing!

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