Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jack: One Year

Age: 12 months - Wow, that went fast!

Weight: 24 pounds
Length: 31 inches 
Size: still squeezing into some 12-18 month stuff, especially pants.  18-24 month pants are too long, but he wears bigger shirts.
Hair: His hair is starting to get a little unruly.  Mommy is *hoping* that this is just a stage that will lead to real curls!

Teeth:  "H" is here!  6 teeth total.
Sleeping: Jack's sleeping is pretty consistent.  He is falling asleep much easier, but he does wake up WAY too early for Mommy & Daddy - around 5:00, but if Mommy feeds him in bed, he'll often fall back asleep snuggling her.
Eating: Jack's favorite food is turkey sausage (breakfast links).  He also really likes green beans, pad thai, veggie burgers, and he ate his first crab on his birthday!

Movement: We have steps!  He still crawls most everywhere, because he is much faster that way, but he will take several steps in a row now.

Milestones: Jack had a really great birthday party with most of his favorite people there (he missed hi Uncle Zach).  He also made his first painting, it is hanging in room 8 at Mommy's office.
Favorite Toys/Activities: He now really likes to play with blocks.  He loves banging them together to make noises and also knocking down all of Daddy's big towers.  Books are still his favorite thing to play with, especially his "My Little Animal Book"

Dislikes:  When Mommy leaves him at daycare.  He doesn't always cry, but he often whines and lunges toward her.

Words & Sounds: "Doggie" is a new word this month

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